The Cancer Patient Support Program (CPS) is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to offering cost free comprehensive supportive services to cancer patients and their families throughout Vermont and upstate New York. The creation of this program was inspired by the desire of cancer survivors and other dedicated members of the community to be that essential helping hand for the patient and their family when facing a cancer diagnosis.

Facing a cancer diagnosis can be a time of fear and anxiety. Patients often have many questions and difficult decisions to make. CPS can help by offering a range of cost-free support services including psychological and nutritional counseling, and emergency funding for patients who find themselves in financial hardship due to their illness. Patients may self-refer to CPS or maybe referred by healthcare professionals.

Our patients and their families along with their providers rely on the services that the CPS offers. Our qualified and compassionate staff delivers supportive care each day to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer and are navigating the weighty and often overwhelming cancer journey.

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